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10 Cool Leopard Features Shown Off At WWDC Keynote

10 Cool Leopard Features Shown Off At WWDC Keynote

Still, there is plenty to talk about from Apple's WWDC '09, including the ... Glenn Derene live-blogs Phil Schiller's keynote speech that opens ... You heard it here first: The song "1901" by Phoenix is officially sanctioned by Apple as cool. ... 10:22Bertrard Serlet, head of Mac OS is now onstage showing off.... Wanted to kick off today by inviting Intel (INTC) Paul Otellini up here. ... Cool. 10:21 Showing how Stacks work; Click on movie, up comes list of movies; click on one. ... 10:36 Number 4 feature: Leopard is 64 bit top to bottom.. We're at Apple's WWDC '07 keynote live, getting ready for things to get rolling. ... 10 new features shown (out of 300 new features) ... -New iChat in Leopard is "pretty cool" with all sorts of new stuff like iChat Theatre and new.... The WWDC keynote opens with a joke: In a video, PC guy from the Mac vs. ... He's showing off a next-generation technology they've been developing. ... We think Leopard is going to set an even higher bar, Jobs says. ... Jobs says he's going to show 10 key features. ... Funny bit of school-boy-type humor.. 6.39pm - Feature 4: 64-bit- Steve Jobs says Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is the world's first OS to go fully ... 7.03pm - Feature 10: Time Machine- again this was shown off at last year's WWDC. ... Steve says third-party programming tool is 'awesome.. ... Jobs, will kick off the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference ... This year's WWDC will showcase two revolutionary development ... The five-day WWDC event, which runs from June 9 to June 13, will feature the first ... the keynote presentation and can register by contacting Simon Pope at.... Mobility Today seems to have the scoop on a list of features that will be fixed ... Without a doubt, the one thing on everyone's mind today is WWDC. ... refreshing blogs non-stop, why not enjoy a fun game of Steve Jobs Bingo? ... Looks like someone has gone to a lot of trouble to create a keynote outline and pass it off as real.. Macworld has live coverage of the keynote address at Apple's 2009 ... of Apple executives show off the latest developments in the world of Apple. ... 10:04 PT - JS: Interesting, because they're rolling iPhone numbers into the "OS X" installed base. ... Couple extra features in Snow Leopard: crash resistance.. As usual, Mac fans are disappointed with a Steve Jobs keynote. ... Even Wall Street gave it a thumbs down, shaving $4.30 off Apple's stock price. ... At last year's WWDC, after demonstrating many of the same elements he showed Monday, Jobs ... As Jobs ran through his 10 Leopard features, I noted that only the first three.... It was my very first Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, and I will admit ... As he rattled off the 10 most exciting features among the 300 new features in Mac ... And the beauty of Leopard is that you don't need to say much at all to see that it's a ... in the face of a 32-bit one was cool, nondevelopers don't need to dig that.... Apple Inc. announces new products, product redesigns and upgrades through press ... Along with the Leopard features that were announced, a major revision to the ... The 2006 WWDC attracted 4,200 developers from 48 countries, while there ... The keynote began 10 AM PST (18:00 UTC) with Cook introducing iOS 5.1,.... This keynote was blogged in real time, with most recent information appearing at the top. ... 10:48 a.m.--It's back to Jobs, who talks about "some really cool software" out ... But we are going to show you 10 features in Leopard today." ... 10:20 a.m.--Schiller showed off a data center called the Aquarium from a.... The Leopard preview yesterday was a bit underwhelming it had some cool ... Vista is not completed and any new feature shown off at WWDC 2006 would.... In fact, of the 10 points previewed by Jobs during his WWDC keynote ... while previously announced, had not been shown off in public. ... that of the 10 Leopard features spotlighted (out of 300 new features), so few were actually new. ... One interesting statement made during the keynote was about iChat.. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC, colloquially Dub Dub) is a conference ... WWDC 2005 was held from June 6 to 10. ... In 2006, Jobs once again delivered the keynote presentation at the WWDC, which was held ... Apple presented a feature-complete beta of Mac OS X Leopard, even though its release...

Macworld's live coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote address to WWDC 2007 developers ... Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference kicked off Monday at San ... Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger and Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard being the focus. ... Mac, we have this really cool feature called 'Back to My Mac' that lets you.... Bertrand Serlet makes fun of Windows 7, just like he did with Vista at WWDC 2006. Furthermore he explains .... Apple has decided to shift their focus away from Big Cats to places within ... at their World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote on June 10th, 2013. ... that new features will appear in both OS X and iOS in tandem, the products will remain ... For anybody who has OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, OS X 10.7 Lion, or OS X.... WWDC: Jobs keynote focuses on Leopard, Safari and iPhone ... Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off today at San Francisco's Moscone ... on wild cats -- Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger" and Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" being the focus. ... The first new Leopard feature Jobs touted was a new desktop.. 10:52 #9. iChat! Shipped lots of cameras. iChat Theater very very cool and more. Multiple chat. Can show off Keynote slide shows. Video chat.


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